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Interview with Ten

February 28, 2010

Back in January, Tara over at Sticky Fingers posted an interview with her children which made me giggle.  Following a sudden rush of blogs that seemed to be publishing all manner of imaginative memes and favourite photos’s/records/recipes, I decided to take inspiration from (read ‘plagiarise’) the one most likely to yield a good result with the least amount of effort.  You can see the outcome below.

Who is Queen of the Netherlands?

– Beatrix.

Who is the Queen of England?

(Pause for thought):

– Wait!  There is no queen of England!  There’s a president – Gordon Brown.  I thought he was dead though, until I was about 8.  Like George Bush – one of those famous people that died.

Who is Barack Obama?

– President of the United States.

When Dad and I go out and Fourteen babysits, where do we go?

– Out for dinner or to see a film  No, hang on, not to the cinema, Dad goes to the cinema on his own most of the time.

What does Fourteen do to annoy you?

– She doesn’t do what I ask.  She kicks me sometimes.  And pinches me.

What do you do to annoy Fourteen?

– I don’t do what she asks.  I don’t kick her, though – only pinch.

Where do babies come from?

– Errr – women’s thing – private part – ok, the front bit – the lower front bit.

If you have children, what will their names be?

– Don’t know because I’m not that old yet.

How much pocket money do you think you should get?  (Currently €2 per week.)

– €3 per week.

Who do you think is cleverest, Mum or Dad?

– Both – they’re as good as each other.  Dad’s better at computers.  Mum’s better at spelling (and Dutch.)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

– Don’t know.  I might be a policeman and chase baddies, or a fireman.

If you could be anyone else, who would you be?

– Myself.

Thank you, Ten, for this post.

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  1. February 28, 2010 9:47 pm

    Hey de ho! I love love love these children interview because they give such honest and quite frankly brilliant answers!
    Baby’s come from a woman’s ‘thing’ – genius, that is forever how mine shall be known now!
    Thanks so much for joining in, and look at that, it means I found your blog too!

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