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This Briton moved to Melbourne, Australia after nigh on 14 years in The Hague, Netherlands.  At the time of writing, today is Tuesday and we arrived in this amazing city on Saturday night.  We have crash landed at friends and are searching for our own house, schools for the children, a car and our way around.  We are loving it so far – we left Holland at the height of summer (it was cold, grey and pouring with rain) and arrived in Melbourne at the end of winter (the sun was out, the sky was blue and nary a cloud to spoil the view.)

As I write this second paragraph, we find ourselves nearly 11 years on from the words I wrote above. We are still in Melbourne, have travelled to some amazing places and seen the most awe-inspiring sights. And, along with the rest of the world, we have lived through the phenomenon of a global pandemic and made it out the other side in one piece.  We were declared holders of the “most locked-down city in the world” award, although I do wonder now whether Shanghai has overtaken Melbourne and snatched that dubious accolade from us.

My reason for revisiting this blog is to use it as a keeper of some of my favourite recipes. I didn’t bring my old, hand-written and grease-spattered recipe book with me but started to use an electronic service called for that purpose.  Recently, however, WeGottaEat has sunk without a trace and has taken all my recipes with it. There’s a post about it called “Hungry” on the “Older Blog Posts” page.

Are You Receiving Me is now the trusted guardian of all the recipes I was able to salvage, along with a heap of new ones that were being stored on bits of paper, on my phone or anywhere else convenient at the time.  What this means is that there is no chatty banter, no videos, no explanations of methods or buttons to press to convert from metric to imperial. It’s just the recipes, and they’re not really here for you, they’re for me, so please don’t expect anything groundbreaking.  And remember, these aren’t really my recipes.  Nearly all of them are someone else’s work that I have found in the public domain. You’ll find them all on the “Recipes” page.  Please be kind with any comments you may leave. If you find my tomato soup bland, that’s fine but I don’t need to know.

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