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March 10, 2010

Sometimes I look at the stats connected to this blog.  They show me things like how many people have visited today (12), the total number of hits (3,172 – wow!) and the busiest day, which was Tuesday, 5 January 2010 with a grand total of 177!  My numbers are pretty low (I only have a small handful of faithful readers) so when I see 177 hits in one day, I have to assume it was some sort of spam, most of which seems to be filtered out very effectively.

The small handful of dedicated readers I mentioned has probably shrunk to a pinch or a teaspoonful since my complete lack of posts during the past month.

An endless source of wonder and amusement are the search terms that have brought people to my pages.  Imagine going to Google and typing in ‘lump on vagina wall,’  ‘fat beauty queen,’ ‘naughty birthday cake’ or ‘Frida Kahlo eyebrows,’ for example, and ending up here on Are You Receiving Me? !  Not to mention ‘funny pubic hair’ or ‘four eyed snowman’ or ‘does giving dogs bananas help them not to….’ – very frustrating that last one as it was too long so I don’t know what giving bananas to dogs may or may not do. The dog and banana link is quite obvious to me; the lumpy vagina and the funny pubic hair are slightly more enigmatic.

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