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Boys Night Out

June 27, 2009

Husband went to Amsterdam for a knees up with the boys last night.  The plan was to go straight to Friend’s house directly from work in order to dump overnight bag etc and then to meet Others where they were kicking the whole shenanigans off with a brewery tour.

Cost of tour: €4.50 including 5 free drinks.

As you can imagine, I was slightly anxious that he might not make it back to wherever he was supposed to be sleeping in one piece.  They were leaving work at 2:00 p.m. for a 4:00 p.m.  kick-off.  Husband scoffed when I expressed concern, until I reminded him that he doesn’t have an off button when it comes to drinking, plus, as a non-regular heavy drinker, he is easily out-paced by the serious types that would be among the crowd.

‘I was only ill last time because someone bought me a Depth Charge and then a Baileys after several pints of beer,’ was his response.

‘Not because someone bought them for you but because you drank them,’ was my counter-response.

At this juncture he acquiesced that I may have a point.

As it was, the evening seemingly was a good one, enjoyed by all apart from one, a victim of his own excess, who went home bleary-eyed and much the worse for wear at a comparatively early hour.

Husband recounted this morning how Mad Welshie, one of the group, had decided at one point when they were all on a bus that it would be fun to exit and re-enter the vehicle whilst it was still in motion.  In three steps from floor to top of seat, he reached the open skylight in the roof of the bus, shot out head first by pulling himself through, crawled along the roof outside and re-entreed via the other sky light further along the bus.  I wish I had been there to see that.  Same Mad Welshie tried to gate crash a boat party as it passed under the bridge (but didn’t sprint to the bridge quite quickly enough to ‘drop in’  so literally missed the boat) and was also unsuccessful some time later in his attempt to steal a glass-topped tour boat that was moored outside a bar.  He wanted his drinking buds to pay him €50 to park it on the other side of the canal.  When he admitted that, not having the key to the ignition, there ‘might be some damage involved,’ the others demurred.

Canal Boat

Next time I go out drinking I’m inviting Mad Welshie along….

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