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June 16, 2009

This is where we will be going for our summer holidays:  L’Oliveto.

Two glorious weeks of Italian sunshine, food and countryside.

I really enjoy the fact that the owner, Tamsin, writes a blog called  ‘A Mass of Odds & Ends‘  and posts pictures – it really infuses one with a feeling for the place. I almost feel as though I have been there once before, a very long time ago or maybe in a dream….

The name of the property, as well as the website, means the Olive Farm, or Olive Grove (at least, I’m assuming it does) and I know from some of Tamsin’s previous posts that they do actually cultivate olives.  This property is a family home as well as a family business and will double as our home for the two weeks that we will lodge there in the summer.

Recently, I have noticed that the header photo has been updated.  Being generally ignorant about most horticultural activities, I would hazard a guess that the leaves in the photo are, in fact, those of an olive tree.  Those leaves look olivey and there are a few clues dotted around the website and the blog so I think I have a pretty good chance of being right.  I think that our olive blogger is updating the photo with the changing of the seasons, as you can see little clusters of something amongst the leaves now – be they blossom, buds or baby olives, I don’t know.

I like Tamsin’s blog.  It is very visual.  The words are concise but plentiful enough to divulge all of the necessary information to the reader.

But what I like most is the fact that she is providing me with the information and images I need to really relish the anticipation of the holiday without making me feel as though I am wishing my life away in my eagerness to get there.

And yet, having said that, roll on, August!

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